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 How Do I Join?

Joining our choirs is open to anyone with a willing voice. Simply call Daniel Fortune (our organist-choirmaster) at 330-836-9327 ext. 29, or email him at, then show up for a rehearsal where you can either observe or participate right away.

For the boys and girls, we provide on-the-job training, so prior experience is not necessary. We welcome anyone to our community, at any time in the year, regardless of church background or affiliation. We recommend coming and trying it out for a few weeks to see if choir is a good fit.

Boys and Girls may start as early as age 7 if they can read words well, otherwise we recommend waiting until they're 8 years old. Boys usually sing (as what is called a treble) into their teens, until their voice changes. Then they may join the Men's section, if they wish. Girls may sing through their senior year of high school.

Women who sing soprano or alto are welcomed to join the Women's Choir who usually sing by themselves, but sometimes all together with the Men, Boys, and Girls. We welcome Men who are countertenors (male altos), tenors, and basses to the men's section.

 What Can I Expect?

Participation in these outstanding choirs gives young people rare experiences of cooperation, teamwork, responsibility, and community with other young people and with adults, all while striving for musical excellence. We perform a wide variety of music, from spirituals to motets in Latin, and sometimes we even sing in German or French! And choir is more than singing!

Choir is fun and never dull! Choristers travel on tours, domestically and abroad, participate in "choir camp" (daytime rehearsal and activities on select days in the summer),put on annual Madrigal Dinners, attend concerts, and some participate in the church youth group. We are a diverse and closely-knit community of adults and young people who are very welcoming towards and enriched by new singers and families.

 On-the-job training for boys and girls

We provide "on-the-job training" not only in vocal production, but in ear training, music theory, sight-singing, and Christian understanding. For the boys and girls, this is accomplished prior to rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays (5:00-5:30) through a series of graduated studies spanning four levels. Chorister's achievements are recognized with ribbons they wear at services as well as with a  odest monetary stipend given quarterly. As they progress and gain singing experience, the older choristers act as mentors to the younger singers. Their example and work is as important as the training and example given by their teachers. 

 Adults learn on-the-job, too

While we don't have as formalized a system to teach ear training or music theory to the adults, we do teach all the important fundamentals of musical singing during our rehearsals together. Most of our adult singers have not had singing lessons prior to joining, but have learned their craft from experience—i.e., regular choir attendance. While some have only just joined choir, others have been singing in the choir faithfully for decades. So, we truly encourage amateur singers and those without much experience to join us, because that's how most singers started in our program! There are also other opportunities available to work on vocal technique and other areas of musicianship, and Dan Fortune would be happy to talk about those with anyone who's interested.

Please visit the Our Choirs pages for additional information on each choir and their rehearsal schedule.  

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