‘As the Father sent me, so I send you’

                                        — from the Gospel of John

Jesus’ words to the first disciples apply to us, too. They inspire us to move in our world. So we proclaim the gospel in word and deed by meeting human needs beyond our immediate membership. We respond to longstanding, everyday, needs—locally, nationally, and internationally. And to the needs created by crises. 

Often we do this through organizations that are in touch daily with people in need. We list many of them of them on the left side of the page. Through them, we clothe. We feed. We build. We provide some healing in our world. Sometimes it’s through the money we give. Sometimes it’s by volunteering. Sometimes it’s both.  

When Christmas and Easter roll around at St. Paul’s, we direct our offerings to specially designated outreach projects. And we are always looking to do more, and to involve more people. All of these efforts are coordinated by our Missions Committee. To find out more, contact the church office.


Missions Committee Information

The Missions Committee lives to help those in need. Giving is an act of love, fulfilling the Great Commandment. Giving also is part of bearing witness to the gospel not just in word, but in deed.  Thus, we link personal work and mission dollars to do local, national, and international outreach. 

  • We organize, facilitate, and participate in mission projects serve on local, state, and national human service committees and boards;
  • We are always seeking new ways for our members to be of service to our community, our nation, and the world. 

Want to get involved? The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, and is looking for new volunteers who will actively participate on the committee and with Missions Committee programs and projects. 

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