Broken Chains Jail & Prison Ministry

Broken Chains Ministry is a non-denominational missions organization headquartered in the Summit County Jail in Akron. Its mission is to form relationships with those who are incarcerated, and to aid these men and women in successful transitions from incarceration to community. Approximately 16,000 men and women from our community are incarcerated each year, and upwards of 700 people are incarcerated in this maximum security facility every day. Broken Chains’ goal is to help break the chains of recidivism through personal support and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry helps provide basic needs such as food, clothing, and personal items to newly-released offenders. It also aids in obtaining driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and birth certificates, which ultimately help those served to find employment and benefits. The ministry also works with other agencies and organizations to provide services for literacy and job training. Future goals include developing life skills, mental health, and drug and alcohol counseling, as well as transitional housing opportunities. Further information about the organization is available on its website:

As part of the family reconciliation process, St. Paul's parishioners have provided Christmas gifts for the children of those who are incarcerated and participating in the mentoring program. Each gift is requested by the parent/inmate and then labeled from this parent to the child for Christmas Day. In the past, we have provided roughly 100-150 gifts for all of these children.

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